What’s the deal with stickers anyway? Why have we been in this market for over five years before we decided to launch a website?

We stumbled upon this in our earlier trend work around the world. Walking through the world city’s hotspots to spot the latest trends for innovation, we found out there was a huge scene on the forefront of trends and innovation. By working with the different scenes for many years, we experimented with different ways to bridge the corporate world and the trend scene. One experiment stood out, we understood stickers are a very effective way to convey a message in a business context. From a marketing standpoint, branding is the most important thing for a company. It doesn’t matter if the company is a startup or has been around for 100 years. Logo and name recognition are invaluable. Stickers create a very inexpensive and easy way to get that done.

Our customers amazed themselves just how liberating and easy stickering was. So that’s why we have innovationstickers.com, a website dedicated to all those lone wolfs out there, those innovators, those who strive for progress, the ones who want to move the innovation needle. With our focus on conveying a business message, we hope to inspire you to move the needle yourself, you crazy pirate.

Jaspar, Wilt and Roel

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