Take your message to new prospects, colleagues and customers with unique, custom-designed stickers

You have got a business to grow. Whether it is a new product or service you want to promote, an innovation campaign you would like to run inside your company or transform the culture into thinking differently for example, you might want to adapt a contagious way or creating virality and word of mouth.

For years, we have been searching the streets and the edgy websites for the latest trends, fads and hypes, knowing that some of them might be applicable in a business context.


Companies like SWIFT, IBM, ABN AMRO, HYPE INNOVATION or LIBERTY GLOBAL have entrusted us with a request to accelerate their innovation marketing message in a cool and fun way. Yes, these companies are all professional companies and they wanted something cool to add to their marketing mix.


Experience shows, stickers like ours help to accelerate your goals. In a private session with you, we will find a solution for your specific challenge.


If you would like to have your own customized designs, please let us know. We would love to have a call with you on this topic. Send us an email to hello@innovationstickers.com and we take it onwards from there.

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