The Story of Stickers

Kids love stickers. They rule. That paper and vinyl with adhesive backing and a print in the front can literally make the day of a child. To stick it on your door or tablet, it is just cool. Same goes for adults on the fringe: street artists, hip brand agencies or for example skate boarders. Why? Because stickers are a great way to convey a message with limited means. Because it brings us back to a level of communication we all understand. You and me. It also connects to the principle of repetition. Repetition works, and stickers are a perfect medium to demonstrate this principle.


As a grown up working in a professional company, we have lost that touch with stickers. We think facility management doesn’t approve of it or heaven forbid, the compliance team will pay you a visit just in case they find a sticker on your door. In our work space, we typically experience a tranquil and sterile environment. We say to ourselves that this is normal, but do this small experiment with yourself: take your kid (any kid will do, even one on the street, assuming you asked for mommy’s approval beforehand) to your workspace and ask her what she thinks of it. What she likes and what she would change.


Kids would invite you to make it a bit more cosy, more colorful. In terms of stickers, to stick them on your belongings, car, stereo, skateboard, guitar, and the list goes on. What’s on stickers doesn’t even have to be that cool, it’s more the message you want to convey you dare to speak out and be differently. No need for expensive leadership school, just use a sticker.

Our ten commandments

#1 As innovators, you should go to the fringe
#2 In this digital world, it is a relieve to do something physical like stickering
#3 We all talk about change, but actually f## doing things is the true obstacle.  
#4 Stickers leave a mark that can affect a persons mood, cause thought, and inspire a reaction
#5 It is a great way to get a serious message out with a smile
#6 Getting someone to think about your message is a great gift
#7 More smiles in business world needed. Period.
#8 People love stickers. Maybe facility managers not, but everyone else do.
#9 The moment you start to notice stickers, you have mastered the art of looking for new trends
#10 Stop writing big business plans, convey the message on A7.      +31622213854